Finally, A Hot Day

Happy Hour at Show-Me’s was not the best prelude to a weekend of training.  But that’s being a Hardy Breed.  My head didn’t feel like training until shortly after noon.

My leg problem from the Marathon training hasn’t been bothering me so I decided to head out for some long over due repeats.  The sun was hot but the breeze felt good.  In fact, with this cool summer the heat actually felt good to me.  Is that wrong?

My repeats consisted of a 1600, 800, 600, and 400.  Nothing fancy, but with the run there and back I had plenty of mileage for the day.  The best part of the running was wearing my new Pearl Izumi shorts.  If you can’t think of any reason to go to the Canton Triathlon just go for the vendors.  I bought this pair (retail $50) for $17.  What a deal!  Not the usually off brand stuff at this race.