Feelin’ Groovy

An absolutely gorgeous day greeted me this afternoon.  70 degrees, a light SW wind at 10 mph, and sunny skies was the weather today.  I didn’t get into town until 17:00 last night so yesterday was a wash but I feel relatively confident about the exam I took.  The Indy Mini-Marathon is just under 2 weeks away.  I am definitely not as focused for it as I was the St. Louis Marathon but I would like to put in a good time and maybe achieve a PR.  So I wanted to put in a longer run today.  My mileage has really tapered off and I am a little worried about 13.1.  Normally this is the start of the 5K season but I still have to get some more mileage in for the half then I can cut back.

I ran to the other side of Washington Park and back totaling just over 11 miles.  It felt good to wear shorts and a t-shirt and to work up a sweat because of radiant heat, not because of wearing too much clothing.  I think I even got a little tan on my legs; or it might just be dirt.  It kind of looks the same you know.  I could use a little color to offset my pasty legs.  Anyway, I averaged 08:09/mile which is not bad considering that includes stopping for stop lights and walking.  My auto-pause is still turned off from the Marathon.  So a relative fast 11 miles to go with a beautiful day.  Upon my return, the kids were asleep and the wife was on the computer.  I could just sit in the bask of a good run, watch the Paris Marathon recap, and feel groovy.