I convinced Danoh to step off the treadmill, take off his dress, and join me outside for a “real” run.  Today we were supposed to do 5, 2 mile intervals.  So, this was going to be an 11 mile mid-week run.  This is a lot for me during the week.  I don’t think I’ve run 11 miles in 1 day during the week that wasn’t a holiday.  Plus, I was just started to feel better from my sickness.  It was dark, a 23 degree wind chill, and sleeting……a perfect night for a run.  We kept our 08:00 pace for the intervals well.  Actually, by the end of the run my average pace was 08:09/mile which includes the 0.5 mile recovery sections.  So we kept the pace pretty low for 11 miles.  It didn’t seem that bad until the last interval when Danoh dropped the hammer.  I couldn’t keep up on the last hill as he was well below 07:00/ mile pace.  Miles 0.5 to 1.5 during the last interval were purgatory.  By the time I got home it was near white-out conditions as the snow was blowing pretty hard.  A quick check of my Garmin revealed that our fastest pace for the 11 miles was 06:22!  Now I don’t feel so bad about Dan kickin’ my ass.

As a side, note this run was an epiphany for me.  Today was the first day I have ever hired a babysitter so I could train.  I guess I can say I’ve crossed over into the “hardcore” realm or just maybe the “crazy and addicted” realm.  Either way it showed how committed I am to training, good or bad.  I just like to do it.  Danoh recognized my epiphany and acknowledged it mid-run.  He himself crossed that line last year.  I guess that’s why we are so close.  Because we share a room on the Psychiatric ward chasing the same elusive target.