Leaving for a family reunion in Kentucky today so I didn’t have much time for training.  I wasn’t sure how much exercise I would get in the Bluegrass state so I was desperate to squeeze in as much training as possible this morning.

I woke up at 05:15 and was in the pool by 06:00.  It was dark, drizzling, and cold but the water was tolerable.  Swimming in a lighted pool is a surreal experience.  I managed to swim 1250 yards and do 8 sets of 50 yards before getting back home.

After getting the kids ready I walked Campbell down to the bus stop and watched her leave on the big school bus.  (It’s her first week in kindergarten.)  Hagan and I then drove to work.

I left him at daycare and spent a few hours at work getting caught up on some loose ends.  Around 10:30 I left work, changed in the truck, and headed out for a run.


OMG was it humid.  Not a mile into the run my shirt was hanging off me.  I ran around Memorial, did a lap in Oak Ridge cemetary, ran 1/2 lap around Lincoln Park, and back to Memorial.  Since I didn’t do Abe’s Amble this was my tribute.  I totaled a 10K and about 5 punds of sweat.

After sitting in the air-conditioned truck for 10 minutes I went into daycare and got Hagan.

Campbell got off the bus around 14:30 and the family was heading south by 15:00.  I was pleasantly tired.