Echelons, Wheelsuckers, and A Yeti Sighting

MessinWithSasquatch_1An alternative course was picked by the Big D. for tonight’s training race.  The groupl headed South on Koke Mill Rd, West on Spaulding Orchard Rd, then headed toward Auburn.

The temperature was around…..HOT! and there was a substantial West wind.  The West wind meant an echelon riding South to Auburn AND North to Springfield on the way back.  The speed was fast and my legs were tired.  I spent literally the whole ride at the back.  Yes, I was a wheelsucker.  If I would have pulled through once I’m sure I would have been dropped instantly.  There were surges and some squirrely riding.  But mostly it was just a tough out and back ride.

On the way back into town we were startled by a loud animal-like screaming.  As we looked down a side road I could see what appeared to be The Sasquatch holding a wheel up in the air.  The Yeti had a bike helmet perched on top of his scalp.  Upon closer inspection it was Jeff W. who was changing a flat.  He must have road by himself tonight.

I ended the night getting back a little later than usual.  39 miles total.