Easy Day(?)

Memorial Day Weekend marks one of the biggest cycling races in the Midwest.  There are 4 races over 4 days in the Quad Cities area.  Anticipating most of the regular crew would be resting for the race tomorrow or not wanting to go hard I thought it would be an easy night.  I was also hoping that at least a couple of riders showed.

I got an early start and met Dan at his house.  By the time we got to BikeTek I had about 7 miles in already.  I was pleasantly surprised when there were over 10 riders meeting us on Clocktower.  The ride started out mellow and I was trying to take some pulls knowing that no one would be riding hard.

At the T-bone Justin, Dan, Ben, and Jeff just kind of rode away while the rest of us waited for Gary and some others.  When we regrouped no one was interested in extending themselves to chase so we rotated evenly at about 22 mph.

Once we made the chicane on the back side of the keyhole Robo went to the front.  As he rode by he told everyone he was going to bring the group back together.  In Dutch, that translates into “Jason, I’m going to shoot you out the back”‘.  Sure enough I couldn’t hold Mark S. wheel and Vonnehman and I were left to ride in together.

So what was supposed to be an easy night turned into a frustratinly hard ride.  My legs were fried so Vonnehman did most of the pulling.  By the time I got back I had 40 miles and 2 exhausted legs.