Duel In The Sun

I warmed up for the Sizzling Mile with 3 Sam Adams and Seafood Alfredo from Olive Garden.  Not exactly the perfect pre-race meal but I’m still on the DL.  Unfortunately my diet will probably be the death of me.  Andy P. was sitting this race out to prepare for the upcoming triathlon so we watched together and talked shop.

It wasn’t exactly 1982 and there wasn’t a Bostom Marathon crown up for grabs but watching Dan and Aaron throw down was quite exciting.  Aaron opted to start way on the outside while Danoh started in the second row, one place from the rail.  If you weren’t a teenager or Terry P. this was the highlight race.  All of Springfield’s finest were mano-y-mano.  Danoh held his own with the stars while Aaron was about 5 seconds back for the first 2 laps.  Danoh and Aaron both looked good wearing their poker faces.  On the 3rd lap Danoh looked like hell while Aaron was on his heels looking stronger.  At the finish Aaron gained about 8 seconds on the fading rabbit.

Overall there was quite a turnout with beautiful weather.  It looked as though everyone had fun and gave their best effort.  Besides the Duel In The Sun the other 2 highlights for me were watching Eric S., Greg B., Bill O., and Jim D. duke it out and Nicole B. lining up against the boys.  She must have plenty of moxy.  I think she may have set the female record but I’m not quite sure.  I wish I would have been racing but it still was fun from a specator standpoint.