Dr. Dan Adair-Ironman

That was written on the chalkboard for today’s  Tri Class.  Pretty cool when you can refer to yourself as an Ironman.  Dr. Adair was the presenter for today’s topic-training.  He relayed some good insight into the training life of a triathlete.  Being a triathlete himself made the topic even more meaningful and legitimate.  Questions and discussions were quite entertaining.  It’s always more interesting and fun when past experience is integrated into the discussion.  Dr. Adair’s bottom line was that most injuries are the result of being dumb in your training.  Doing something stupid.  Always follow a plan and have goals.  This will reduce injury.  Nancy gave a personal experience as a perfect example of being stupid in your training.  I won’t go into details………


The technique for today’s swim class was called the zipper switch.  Another technique that makes me feel like a bumbling fool in the water.  Before the class I thought I could swim but now……..me don’t think so.  This technique basically is swimming on your side, pulling your top arm along your body, entering it into the water, rolling onto your other side and repeating the same process.  Sounds simple but when your sinking and drinking chlorine it’s a little difficult.  I feel like Daniel on the Karate Kid.  I just want to start swimming.  I know it will be better in the long run to gain the skills you need to make your swimming more efficient but……  Jason-San you must be patient, wax on-wax off.