Double The Pleasure, Double The Fun

12 degrees with a painful windchill I slowly got dressed to meet Dan at 12:00 for today’s run.  2 of everything was the summary of the day.  I donned 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of tights, 4 pairs of shirts, I should have put on 2 gloves, and 2 pairs of hats.  The sun was deceivingly bright but the temperature was breathtaking (literally).

Thank goodness there were 2 of us for the run.  I’m not sure if I would have gone 13 miles and/or ran it that fast.  8:10 doesn’t sound that fast but when it is early in your training and every breath freezes when it hits your nose, 8:10 is a difficult pace to maintain.  Dan definitely made me run faster than I wanted to.  Training partners, just like drinkin’ buddies, are invaluable.

Week #1, Workout #2 is supposed to be 13 miles at 10% less than your marathon pace.  We disagreed from the start.  I’m still using 07:30 for marathon pace and so I was prepared to do 08:15.  I gave in only because I was feeling good at the moment.  Actually I felt good until about mile 9.  The pace was manageable and we had been shielded from the wind.

Around mile 10 my legs started to feel the headwind and hills and our pace slowed.  Luckily our average up until then was around 08:02 so we had some time  left in the bank.

The final stretch down West Washington was torturous.  I haven’t felt that bad in a long time.  THEN DAN WANTED TO TURN AROUND.  (Forget what I said about training partners).  So we backtracked east on Washington to get an even 13.

I actually ended up with 12.69 miles at 08:06 pace.  It’s amazing how stopping at a stoplight can raise your average pace.  Ironically we weren’t stopped by many lights but when we would stop I could stand there and watch the average pace slowly increase until we started running again.  The Garmin really makes you honest.  The temperature, pace, and that we never really stopped running (we tried to dodge traffic at  lights to keep our average from falling) made today’s run really difficult.


Weekly Total:  29 miles