Double Deuce

The alarm going off at 05:00 on a Saturday meant another long run with Leah and her posse.  We left Erin’s house shortly after 06:00 and headed downtown for a 6 mile loop.  A short potty break at Erin’s house and the 4 of us headed East to complete the Frostbite course.  I’m not a big fan of this route because it is just plan boring but I was the guest so how could I complain.  A brief mental break occurred when we ran (literally) into Bridgette “The Partner” and her friend.  They were returning from the dreaded course.

It was supposed to be a progressive run for me but secondary to the headwind back to the Park and the hills of Washington I was just happy to finish the 22 miles.  As per usual my right calf was killing me for the first 6 miles then magically the pain completely goes away.  I hope I don’t have to run a 10:00 pace for the first 10K of the Marathon.

Weekly Total:  30 miles