Don’t Take My Advice

Jeff’s voice keeps pounding in my head in one of NIL8 songs where he keeps repeating “don’t take my advice”.  My drinking escapade prevented me from training from Thursday to Sunday.  So today I decided to do another brick workout.  Unfortunately this is 2 Sundays in a row where I am trying to “catch up” by doing a brick.

The morning was raining so I didn’s start my bike ride until around 16:00.  Luckily there was a NW wind so I did the Salisbury loop, which is one of my favorite rides.  Since I moved to the West side all my North and West rides are shorter so today’s ride was only 19 miles.  Still it felt good to be out on the bike.

After a 5 minute transition I headed down Washington St. for a 4.5 mile run.  By this time it was getting pretty humid and hot.  I was sweating like Meatloaf singing “Paradise By The Dashboard Light”.  But I didn’t have a cool scarf to wipe my face.  I thinke the sweat was about 40 proof.  The poison was leaving my body.

19 mile ride and 4.5 mile run improved my demeanor and attitude.  I am now ready for the week and not feeling so guilty.  I’m just disappointed I missed the Biathlon AND the Passavant 10K.