Don’t Look Down

It’s getting dark early.  By 20:00 it’s almost completely black outside.  So tonight was the first night we cut the training race short.  Out to the “T”, a right on Plains blacktop, a right at the rockpile, then anouther right and back home via Prarie Creek Rd.  We would skip sprint #3.

Cutting the ride short means more speed and less recovery.  The usual suspects were at the front pushing the pace the whole ride.  I was in my usual position.  At the back with my tongue hanging out.  All in all I totaled 32 miles.

After a brief rest I donned my shoes and went for a short run.  I totaled just 2.5 miles but it felt good getting in a small brick.  Running along Washington between Bradforton and Meadowbrook was pretty disgusting.  The sidewalk was full of crickets.  I could hear them crunching under shoes.  Feeling guilty I tried not to look down.