Diet Gone Wrong

My diet this past week has been horrible.  It seems as if I have fallen off the wagon and have been eating fried foods all week.  Dan called and suggested our families go to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner.   Although I had eaten there already this week it is tough to turn down dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  In a state of weakness I ate fried food again.  I’m not going to lie, it tasted goooood.

I was planning on running yesterday but my left knee was bothering me so I took yesterday off.  This, coupled with the Barstool Open tomorrow forced me into the basement for a Friday night workout.  That would have given me 3 days off.  Something I could not do.  The day off did my knee some good and the spinning on the bike was just what it needed. 

After getting home from dinner and putting the kids to bed I spun 30 minutes on the bike while watching Bear Grylls escape from The Dominican Republic alive.  I finished with some dips, pull-ups, and reverse crunches.  Tomorrow will be a wash…….