Dave Who?

Yes, former World Champion and Cassanova of the SRRC social, Dave Egan made his annual debut at the training race tonight. He was accompanied by Eric S., fresh off a stint of rehab for PTSD following “The Accident”. The 2 “Wild and Crazy Guys” rode to the first sprint then turned around.

The rest of the ride was pretty weird. Halfway down the main road a group of 5 just road off from the rest of us. In a panic I put in a hard effort to bridge. I was able to bridge bringing Gary and Vonnehman with me. However, 10 seconds after making contact I exploded and was jetisoned off the back. The carnage slowly passed me as I soft pedaled to the “T”. I was not disappointed though because I put in a hard effort and got in a good workout.

After waiting for a while I began to slowly ride toward town. Dave, John, and Gary eventually caught me but the group never came in sight. We waited for a while then road tempo the rest of the ride but the group never appeared……strange.

Did the group slow down, did someone get a flat, or was there a crash? Don’t leave me in suspense.