Dangerous vs. Slow

Today was definitely a YakTrax day.  I am up here in Elkhart, IN. celebrating Christmas with my wife’s family.  There is about a 5-6″ of snow on the ground and the temperature is just short of 30 degrees.  Last night there was a rain/sleet/drizzle that left the roads and sidewalks a sheet of ice.

Some might call going out on a run like this dangerous or dumb but I shrug it off as just slow.  Normally, however, I would think twice about going out on a day like this but not today, for 2 reasons.  One, I am desperate to get as many base miles as possible prior to my marathon training program starting.  And two, I needed some time away from the in-laws.

So I set out for a leisurely 5 mile run. No speed records ,just running to run.  It felt good to work up a sweat and burn off some excess calories.

After the run I got to do something I have never done.  The family went ice skating at an outdoor rink.  It was totally cool.  It wasn’t even a rink but an ice path through a little park.  I have to be honest though.  Upon donning my skates I couldn’t help but to say to myself “don’t break an ankle 3 months before the marathon”.  Does anyone else ever think things like that before doing something “dangerous”?  I only fell once when I forgot I was wearing skates and thought I was wearing roller blades.  I attempted to dig my heel into the ice to stop and did nothing but fall on my butt.  Note to self, ice skates don’t have stops on the back.  No broken bones thankfully just loads of fun. 

Can I call today a brick?