Crown (And I Don’t Mean Royal)

A sign that you are getting older is when your teeth begin to rot.  On Thursday I got my first crown (not Royal).  One of my teeth has been getting filled and refilled with fillings but at last it had to get permanently fixed.  Thus a crown was finally put in place.  I took the afternoon off work not knowing what to expect.  The process only took about 15 minutes.  Removing the temporary and glueing in the permanent and the work was done.  This left plenty of time to get in a run before picking up Hagan at school.

It was week 5, workout 1.  3, 2 mile tempo runs at 10K pace.  As usual I felt good for the first 2 miles, had a sinking feeling for the second tempo run, and was in misery for the final 2 miles.  My paces reflected this downward spiral, 06:56, 7:05, and 07:22.  8 miles never hurt so bad.

Sandy was out of town for the weekend so in order to get in some good training I had to hire a babysitter.  I woke Saturday morning to misting weather but warm temperatures.  I loaded up the kids, went and got Tara, came back home, and was on the road before 08:30.  Everything was proceeding as planned.  Not 3 miles down the road and I get a front flat.  Damn it!  After changing the flat I quickly find out that I am carrying a defective air cartridge.  Can this situation get worse?  So I ride the flat back home.  There was nothing else I could do.

At home, I changed the tube and got back on the road.  Still misting and a waste of almost 45 minutes my dreams of a long ride today were vanished.  Now all I could do was get in as many miles as possible while Tara was on the clock and the St. Patrick’s Day parade was starting at 12:00.  The rest of my ride was going relatively smooth with some hard efforts.  However, shortly after seeing the gang heading the opposite direction on this side of Salisbury I get another flat.  This time on the rear.  Thankfully, Dave E. and Eric had turned around from the group and stopped to chat.  Not wanting to risk another “bad” cartridge Eric loaned me his pump.

After a quick tire change we were back on the road with about 100 psi in my rear tire.  It’s so hard to get a tire inflated with a tiny hand pump but they do serve a purpose.  As if nothing else could go wrong, Eric flats not 5 miles from home.  My anticipated 40-50 mile ride turned into a 25 mile, 2.5 hour ride.  Plus it cost me just shy of $30.  So I paid for this hell.  Shortly after returning home I was back in the car returning the babysitter and heading to the Parade.

Saturday night spent at the St. Agnes Auction was not conducive to a progressive 18 mile run the next day.  I didn’t get out until shortly before 15:00.  Again it was misting but warm weather.  I opted for shorts and felt fine the entire run.  These progressive runs always are tough to figure out.  You’re supposed to run at 20 seconds over marathon pace with 30 minutes to go, 10 seconds over marathon pace with 20 minutes to go, and marathon pace with 10 minutes to go.  I can never really figure out how much time I have left in a run.  It just all depends on the run, terrain, and wind direction.  So I decided to run a reasonable pace for the first 15 miles then see how I felt for the final 3 miles.

As the finish approached I decided to run a good pace for mile 15, rest for mile 16, and tempo for mile 17.  For mile 15 I ran a 0:27 pace then for mile 17 I ran at 07:34.  I was happy with these splits but not with my average pace of 08:10 for the 18 miles.  The groovy part was that I didn’t feel exhausted at the finish.  Either I didn’t push myself or I am gaining fitness.  Hopefully it’s the later and not the former.