Cross Training?

Cross TrainingThe total has gone from 3″ of snow since my last post to a whopping 13″.  This happened over night.  The night was restless as I was still hyped up from the run and couldn’t really sleep that well.  You know how it is.  I woke up this morning sore as hell from my run .  Enjoyment from a good workout the night before quickly turned into reality when I had to walk down the stairs.  I planned to take today off so I was not really worried about the snow or not having a functioning trainer.  Little did I know I was in for an upper body weight session/cardiovascular workout later in the day.

The temperature is supposed to be 35 degrees tomorrow.  With 13″ of snow on my driveway I knew I had to get the snow shoveled if my wife had any chance of leaving the house tomorrow.  So, once home from work, I began to shovel…….and shovel…….and shovel……and shovel.  Just like my run I was battling daylight.  Quickly my lats, deltoids, lumbar paraspinals, thighs, and biceps began to burn.  Sweat trickled from brow.  My heart rate was racing and my breathing intensified.  This was a bleeping workout.  Not one that I wanted or expected.

Sixty minutes later I was exhausted and hungry.  I came inside, ate dinner, took some Ibuprofen, and washed them down with some Fat Tire.  As I sit on the couch pondering the day I ask myself, “was that cross training?”.