Jason - Ride Your Bike Day I took the clothes I was going to wear on Friday into work on Thursday so I wouldn’t have to haul it back and forth.  I was debating on whether to ride my mountain bike or my road bike.  I decided to go for the bike that would produce the least amount of sweat possible.  So I opted for the road bike with lower rolling resistance.

I left the house at around 06:30 with temps in the 40’s.  Cycling shorts, jersey, and arm warmers made for a chilly ride.  My hands were numb by the time I arrived at work around 07:00 but no sweat.  I felt kind of silly walking through the hospital in cycling clothes but what are you going to do.  At that time of the day there was very little traffic to contend with.

The ride home was much more pleasant with temps in the 70’s and sunny skies.  However, there was a lot more traffic.  Surprisingly I was not hasseled, yelled at, or pushed off the road.  My commute home was uneventful.  I was invigorated with the ride home and am thinking of commuting on a more regular basis.

Not sure if it counts for training miles but I totaled around 12 miles for the day.