Cold To Trot

The day began with a 05:30 wake up. It was dark, cold, and windy. Dan and I arrived at the race around 06:00 with plenty of time to warm up on the bike.

By the 07:00 start there was some daylight but still plenty of wind and cold. I opted for the tri shorts and Springfield Tri Club race bib hoping to warm up once the race started.


For the first 2 miles or so I stayed on Dan’s wheel with about 7 others until the bridge. Once we hit the bridge the field shattered into pieces. I tried to calm down and ride my own pace. Keeping an eye on my Garmin I probably averaged around 23 mph for the first 10 miles. Being in the tuck position all I could stare at was my front wheel wobbling. Even a seasoned rider like me was a little nervous never knowing what will happen next. Yes, I am still a little gun shy. I wasn’t passing as many people as last year. Still I was happy with my average and effort.

I must brag about my T1 which seemed pretty quick as I entered after quite a few riders and left way before them.

I didn’t feel as good on the run as last year. However, according to the Garmin, I averaged 07:06 which is way faster than the 08:00 from last year. I guess I didn’t feel as good because I was a lot faster. The only person to pass me was the superfast, brown skirt, chick that Danoh described. I was in shock as she passed me. She must have been doing 06:00 miles as she FLEW by me. I only passed 2 runners which worried me.

My T2 was a little slower as I had trouble finding my bike. I was a little frantic and confused. I should have be calmer and probably would have been faster.


The return trip was straight into the wind. It was tough trying to push a big gear after biking and running already. I probably averaged around 20 mph on the way back. Again, I was happy as last year’s average was 18 mph. Only 1 person passed me on the bike and I passed no one. Looking back I was pretty isolated the whole race. Never really running into too many people. Not passing many and not getting passed. It is usually better for me to have more people around as motivation.


For 10 miles on the bike, 6 miles on the run, and another 10 miles on the bike I was happy with my effort. My time was only slightly better but I felt better about the effort, especially the run. I ended up 13th overall and 3rd in my age group.

Afterward the HardyBreed crew celebrated at the FloraBama…..a little too much. Don’t miss the opportunity to hang at the FloraBama it is a rockin’ good time.