Celery And Running, Don’t Even Think About It

Pretty chilly today.  I left my house around 11:00 for a 6.5 mile jaunt.  The wind was strong and cold with the wind chill around 22 degrees.  Another west wind greeted me at the turn around.

A word of advice.  Don’t eat celery right before you go running.  I ate a piece of celery as I was leaving the house and one of those damn pieces of celery was stuck in my throat the whole run.  No matter how hard I coughed it wouldn’t go down or come up.  Don’t get me wrong, I savor (no pun intended) running alone.  But today I wished I had Dan along with me.  He has 2 confirmed cases of using the Heimlich Maneuver successfully.  I’m not asking for CPR but the Heimlich would have been good.


Another word of advice for today.  Stay off the south side sidewalk.  It’s pretty slickery.  Stick to the north side.