Carlberg Design Parade Run

I was eager to do this year’s Parade Run because my leg is finally better and it’s time to start doing some speedwork to improve my fitness.  My time last year of 13:13 didn’t seem attainable but I still wanted to put in a good effort.

I left work early with the kids in tow.  Sandy met me at the race around 17:00 with plenty of time to warm up.  It’s usually pretty hot for the Parade Run but it wasn’t miserable this year.  Hot enough to sweat but not hot enough to suffer.

It still amazes me on how the participants can start lining up so early.  I guess if your fast you want to be up front.  Since the race is so short I need to be practically be breathing hard right before the start because it takes me so long to get going.  Again, this year I had to duck under the ropes to line up in the middle.  I felt like I was late.

The gun went off and immediately I broke into a comfortable, long stride length.  After crossing Sangamon Ave. into the thick of the crowd I heard something fall to the ground.  I immediately reached for my pocket and realized my key had just fallen out of my pocket.  Damn new Pearl Izumi shorts with a hole in them!  I was just bragging about them on Saturday.  After a few moments of hesitation I put my faith in humanity and started running again.  Surely a good Samaritan would turn in my key later.  Right?


Eventually I made it back to rhythm and was running behind Carl B.  Approaching the turn-around hill I ran away from him and I thought to myself how much better I felt than last year.  I hit 1 mile in 06:07.


Cresting the return hill I slowed and Carl caught and passsed me.  I ran the next 3/4 mile with Tracy D., who pushed me enough that I would not have run that fast alone.  She pulled away from me on the final hill at the finish.  However, I stopped the clock in 12:22.  Practically 60 seconds faster than last year.  I amazed myself.  It’s funny the better you do the better you feel during and after the race.  I suffered more last year but had a worse time.

Thanks to Lance Cull and Kevin Milward for putting on an excellent race.  It looked like there were more racers AND spectators.  The awards and shirts were pretty unique.  Not the usual boring stuff.  My print for 2nd in my age group will probably be displayed instead of collecting dust in the basement.  Oh, and by the way, a good Samaritan did return my key.  Thanks to whoever you are.  Hopefully the Karma will be returned.


Tell us and him your thoughts on the race.