Capital City Biathlon

My day started at 05:00.  I woke up early to get in a solid breakfast.  Around 06:00 I left the house heading toward the race with my gear in a backpack.  The ride to the race ended up being just over 17 miles.  A good warm-up.  It was pleasant and traffic-free with little wind.  Just what I needed.  I arrived at the Beach House just before 07:00.

Having been pre-registered and already with a good bike warm-up in I had time to relax and chit chat.  I did get out for a short run to get the legs ready for the 3 mile sprint.

I started out near the front not knowing what to expect.  From the gun I felt pretty good but knew I should save myself for the bike.  No matter how much I told myself, however, I just couldn’t hold back knowing that I would be close to setting a 5K PR.  As the mile markers went by I remained about 10 seconds behind Danoh and tried to use him as a target.  I faded toward the end of the run but still managed a PR of 19:45.

My transition was apparently slow, although at the time I didn’t feel that slow.  Immediately starting out on the bike my legs felt the run.  I knew it would not be a good day in the saddle.  I was passed by rider after rider.  Never could I get into a rhythm.  I was extremely happy to see the finish line and finished the bike portion with a miserable 20.8 mph average.

Overall, I placed 22nd.  Not exactly stellar but I was happy with my run split.  I need to work on my TT skills.  Defeated, I headed out for the 17 mile ride home.