Today was week #1, workout #1 of the training program.  It called for 3, 1.5 mile tempo runs with 0.5 miles rest between sets.  I left work early to take advantage of the warm temperatures and the expanding daylight hours.  I think it was 41 degrees when the left the house around 16:30, WOW!07-21-06_candyland-7003421

I warmed up for 0.5 miles then began the intervals.  I tried to maintain a 07:30 mile pace for all 3 .  The first set was easy.  The second was a little tougher.  Then, unexpectedly, the final one was sloppy.  I did manage to maintain my pace throughout each interval but the last one was into the wind.  Coupled with some residual snow on the sidewalk made my form begin to get sloppy.

I felt pretty good upon finishing.   By 17:30 though the sun was down and I was cold with sweat.  A total of 6.5 miles was covered.  I ended the day playing Candyland with the kids.  Who doesn’t love Candyland?