Calm Night

An unusual training ride tonight.  Some people were racing this weekend and some were just plain no-shows.  In any event there were only about 10 riders at the start.  The fewer the riders usually means less intensity and less motivation.  This was the case tonight.  We even didn’t get started until probably 10 after.  I think someone was having a mechanical inside BikeTek.

The consensus on the “long” route is that it sucks.  So I believe we will be taking the “normal” route most of the rides from now on.  A casual rotation developed on the way out to the “T”.  When we hit the “keyhole” Lawyer and Vonnehmen turned around.  So that left just a handful to navigate the rest of the course.

Although we rode smoothly it wasn’t entirely slow.  I was still breathing hard and in the drops.  On the back side Mike H. flatted and we all got a break except Mike.  I will commend him for the fastest tire change this season.   The rest of the ride was uneventful.  I felt pretty good so I tried to contribute most of the way back.  Gary D. made it hard on me when he pulled through after me and almost dropped me on a couple of occasions.

The HardyBreed award goes to Jeff W. who attacked just before the last hill and held off the rest of the peloton to take the win.  This time I did try to sprint and put in a good effort.

Since I was running late and couldn’t make the usual warm-up loop I only managed 36 miles for the night.  But I was sufficiently tired.