Serpentinen_AdHnWhat do the Grateful Dead, Doritos, Mountain Dew, l’alpe d’huez, and the Chronic all have in common?  Any guesses?  Well, apparently you haven’t been on the interurban trail lately.  They were all influential in the making of the new bike trail between Macarthur and Woodside Rd.


Holy sine wave or is it a cosine?  I’m not sure anymore but I do know it is one hell of a tangent.  The city engineer must have been sitting around his trailer one day smoking a phatty, drinking mountain out of a 2-liter bottle, eating a bag of Doritos (the original is still the best), and listening to the live version of “Dark Star” when he thought to himself: “how do I turn 5 acres of land into a flat version of l’alpe d’huez”?   Come on, stoner, the switchbacks are a little much.

mountaindewWhat is up with the new trail?  One minute it is a straight, freakin’ shot from Macarthur to Woodside Rd and the next it is a 30 minute, vertigo inducing, 128 switchback, roller coaster, never-ending story.

Honestly, it is pretty cool.  Much different than it’s other, mundane counter-parts.  It just seems a little excessive.  I guess if you weren’t incorporating it into a long ride and were just out for leisurely ride with the family it would seem invigorating.  If I was on the verge of bonking in Chatham and had to contend with all the chicanes to make it back to some Recoverite it would just piss me off.  I guess it depends on the moment.  Jerry_Garcia_Greek_81-1_copy

Hopefully, once it matures and there is more scenery than single and double-wides it should be pretty cool.  Although, without some foliage it will get hotter than a snakes-ass in a wagon rut once July is upon us.

I left the house thinking it would be around 25 miles to Chatham and back taking the bike trails.  It was late but I thought I would have plenty of time before it got dark.  I was wrong.  By the time I got back home I had logged 32 miles and just made it before 17:00.  Now I know better.