It’s been 1 week since I last had caffeine.  I’m going caffeine-free in an effort to gain all the benefits possible from caffeine during portions of the Ironman.  Hopefully it will give me the extra boost I need to get through some of the low points during my 13 hour event.  Not the smartest thing to do before the biggest race of my career but noone has ever accused me of being smart.

This past 2 weeks have been pretty awkward for me.  Normally I’m focused on specific aspects of my training.  Trying to get the most out of every session.   Working on killing myself to make myself stronger.  But these past 2 weeks I’ve had to put on the brakes and slow down my training.  It’s called tapering but I’m not that good at it.  So I’ve sort of been lost physically and mentally.  Tapering seems to be mentally challenging as you feel like your losing fitness and getting fat.  Instead of not having downtime you suddenly have all this time on your hands with nothing to do but agonize.

Prior to 2 weeks I felt ready for Ironman Wisconsin.  Now the demons of self-doubt have begun to speak.  It’s been a long year leading up to Sunday.  surprisingly these past 2 weeks have been the worst.

However, no matter what happens on Sunday won’t replace the fabulous journey it took to get to this point.  As crazy as it sounds I wouldn’t trade all the highs and lows for anything.  I still vividly remember sitting on the computer at work in 2009 with the IMWI website pulled up and frantically typing my information into the system to get ready to register.  Knowing that registration could be full just minutes after open registration began.  Danoh and Lunch with Eric were on the phone with me and all 3 of us were nervous as hell.  I remember the 3 second pause before I clicked “accept” thinking this button will change my life.  Once getting accepted I got goosebumps, became flush, and felt light-headed.  It was a stressful 10 minutes.

I wouldn’t trade in the cold nightly runs in the winter.  The cold fall rides.  The endless alcohol-induced conversations with all the rabbits talking about what would, could, and should happen over the next 12 months.  The hot, humid 100 mile rides in the summer.  The 05:00 morning swims.  The blisters on my feet.  The missed happy hours and partys because I had to train.  Finishing and starting training in the dark.  The pain of walking up and down stairs.  Leaving the house once the kids were in bed.  Squeezing out training during family functions and vacations.  What I won’t miss is the sad look in my kids eyes when I didn’t have time to play with them because I was training.

Anyway, it is September 11, 2010 and the 2010 Ford Ironman Wisconsin is tomorrow.  It’s time to turn off the auto pause.  It’s just me and the demons………..

I invite you join HardyBreed on Sunday at  Just plug in our names or bib numbers to find out how we are doing on the course.

  • Dan Billingsley –  1057
  • Jason Beeler – 978
  • Eric Sommer – 1029
  • Dan Dungan – 2043
  • Steven Graves – 1043
  • Travis Schroll – 808
  • Joseph House – 812

I also want to thank everyone in advance, especially my family for supporting me in all my training this year.