Burn Unit 5K

jumperMy son’s 3rd birthday party is this weekend.  We have 6 adults and 5 children staying at our house through the weekend.  My only opportunity for some training was signing up for the Memorial Burn Unit 5K.

I left my house at 07:15 on the bike heading to Washington Park.  It turns out that it is exactly 5 miles to the tennis courts from my house.  Getting in 5 miles on the bike before the start was a good warm-up.

Surprisingly there were probably 5 times more participants this year than the previous years.  I was actually shocked at the amount of people.  There were even people from the SRRC circuit.  My money for the win was on Lunch With Eric (I think he eventually got 2nd).

The race started unexpectedly and I was caught off guard.  On the downhill I was feeling sluggish and slow.  There were already 20 or so people in front of me andI was not making up any ground.  Eventually on the back side they either slowed down or I sped up.  Not sure which one happened but I began to pass plenty of runners.  I felt good the rest of the run considering this was my first race since the marathon in April.

The final hill killed me again.  That bleepin’ thing is so painful.  It’s about a half mile before the finish and slowed me down to 08:30 pace.  I stopped the clock 10 seconds ahead of my goal.  20:50 with an average pace of 06:42.

Feeling pleased with my effort and how my legs felt I hopped back on the bike and rode the 5 miles back home.  Shortly after getting back home I took the truck to the rental place and picked up the Jumpasaurus for the big birthday party weekend…..

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