Broom Orchard Pumpkin Festival

The Beeler family (including the mother-in-law) spent the morning at the Broom Orchard Pumpkin Festival in Carlinville, Illinois. If you have never been I would highly recommend it. You get to pick pumpkins and enjoy an array of kids/family activities. There is a hay ride, playground equipment, a corn maze, pony rides, goat feeding, etc. Because it is mainly an apple orchard there is plenty of cider and apple products as well. The weather was beautiful and hospitality great.

We got home around 14:00 just in time for the kid’s nap.  I watched the Notre Dame game for a while then decided it was time to go out for a run.  It’s hard deciding how to train when you have 2 completely different events only 1 week apart.  The Hot to Trot duathlon is this Saturday then the The North Face Challenge half marathon is the following Saturday.  So do you go out for a short intense run or a long endurance run?  That is the question.

I opted for something in the middle.  I ran my usual 6.5 mile loop but attempted to run tempos of 1 mile on and 0.5 miles off.  I felt pretty good but did not take my Garmin to check my pace.  I always go slower than I think I am.