Broken Spoke

The night started out well.  I met Dan early and was getting in extra miles this Tuesday evening.  On our ride to BikeTek we ran into Lunch With Eric and Dave E.  They were headed out for a warm-up.  We decided to ride west a little ways with them and chat.

After 10 minutes of tooling around the group began to close in on us near the intersection of Old Salem Rd. and Old Covered Bridge Rd.  Trevor, Jeff, and Robo came screaming by and all 4 of us jumped on their wheel.  The rest of the group was not far behind.

As with all good stories I’ll start by saying I felt strong.  Coming down the hill just before Farmingdale I heard a loud pop then a “ding, ding, ding, ding”.  Anyone that has put some miles on their saddle knows this sound instantly.  I had broken a spoken.  My day was over.

I stopped and examined the wheel.  It was broken near the hub, odd.  A little wobble in it but still rideable.  I wrapped what was left of the spoke around the other spokes and headed back home.

At least I got in 15 miles.  I’ll be going to WheelFast tomorrow I guess.