Divorce Court

The wife’s Aunt and Uncle are visiting from Seattle starting Thursday so the next couple of days will be training-free.  I HAD to get in a good day today to allow for a couple of days off and family time.

Work ended early and I was on the bike by 17:00.  I rode an improvised loop heading South on the TT bike. Nothing crazy but trying to maintain 20 mph at the least.  The ride ended with 22 miles and still some daylight.

I took my time changing and was out the door by 18:30.  Running, I headed to Washington Park and back home.  The first half of the run was pretty easy.  By the time I was heading east on Washington my legs were getting tired and I was soaked.  I stopped the watch with 9 miles.

22 miles on the bike and 9 miles on the run left me satisfied that I could take the next few days off.  Actually I have no choice except Divorce Court.  Hopefully Saturday will yield a good training day.