Booty Slap

Jeff W. christened today’s ride with these words. “Everybody give yourselves a slap on the booty. This is the most people we’ve had on the last ride of the year in over a decade.” He was right. There were between 12 and 15 of us riding the last training race of the year. This year in particular saw a healthy number of riders attending every Tuesday/Thursday. All the way to the end. Plenty of different emotions were within the peleton. Some were glad it was over, some were sad it was over, some were still trying to get in shape, some were slowly losing fitness, and others were trying to maintain current fitness.
These rides have been the same for the past several weeks. Lightening fast once you cross Bradforton. This ride was no exception. Robo and Andy kept the pace high by taking monster pulls as the front. Riders couldn’t complain however because it seemed as though everyone was taking pulls at the front doing their share to make everyone suffer.
The final sprint of the year was won by dark horse Dan E. I think it was his first win in a couple of years; how ironic. Andy had attacked on the second to last climb and it came together at the top of the last climb. Then it was basically a drag race to the line.
I was happy to take my fair share of pulls at the front and to actually sprint at the end. It seems my fitness is still improving while everyone elses is winding down. I ended up with 27 miles for the day, sans Danoh.
Great year everyone! I can’t wait to see you all on the flip side of 2009.