Binge Bustin’ Brick

“It tastes so good when it touches your lips” (Old School).  Yes, alcohol and appetizers taste sooo good but can add pounds and slow times like nobody’s business.  My weekend of excess began on Thursday with a trip to Fast Eddies, the boat, and St. Louis and didn’t end until Sunday night with my nephew birthday party.  Needless to say I was feeling bloated, sluggish, and guilty.  I think I gained 5# this weekend.

Luckily I waited until the afternoon to train.  The morning was still rainy but the afternoon was sunny and warm (and a little humid).  The wind was out of the SW and a little strong.  For the first section of the bike I had to keep it in the small chainring but was able to shift into the big ring for the tailwind and crosswind sections.  I totaled 22 miles on the bike.

My transition time was about 3 minutes (don’t tell Eric S.).  I wasn’t in a hurry and was feeling dehydrated because of the humidity.  After all, this was an experiment as I hadn’t done a brick all year.  I drank some fluid, took a couple of shots of Hammer Gel, donned my running shoes, and off I went.

The run began like I was running in sand.  But after about 2 miles my legs began to feel better.  I didn’t take my Garmin because I wasn’t worried about time; just getting in the miles after a ride.  The sun was hot and now I feel sunburned.  I ran my usual 5 mile loop.

The total time for my experiment was a little under 2 hours.  Sarcastically, upon the return from my run, my wife asked me how my swim was.  She was referencing how wet I was from all the sweat.  This was the sweatiest I have been since last year.

I don’t know if I made up for the caloric intake over the weekend but it felt good to exhaust myself.  I can now enter the work week on a good note.  Nothing beats a binge like a brick….