Better Swimming Experience

I met the family after work at Colony West.  We all arrived around 17:00.  There was lap swim from 17:15 to 18:15.  I had planned to do laps from 17:15 to 17:45 then hang out with the family.  But, as I should have expected, people were already marking their lanes when I got there.  I was not in the mood to get pissed off.

So I hung out with the family in the baby and medium pool for awhile and watched as people got done and others arrived.  The funny part is that the swimmers don’t last long but the people walking and exercising can last all hour.

Around 17:50 a lane opened up and I took it.  I did my best to get in 1000 yards in 25 minutes but could only manage 850.  I was gassed by the end.  The good news was that I was able to do 12 laps without resting.  So I didn’t meet my yardage goal for the day but I still was able to improve on my endurance.

Exhausted I played with the kids for a while then we all left.  I picked up Noodles on the way home, ate, and went to bed.