Zero motivation and feeling a little hung over from yesterday’s Barstool Open I headed out to meet Dan at the usual spot. We met at 12:45 in drizzling rain but 47 degree temperatures. The drizzling stopped after about an hour but the humidity remained. I’m not complaining, however, because I am so sick of freezing temperatures that anything above 50 degrees is appreciated. It felt like a vacation. The sun even peeked through the clouds for about 15 minutes. I’ll take what I can get.

Today was supposed to be workout #2 the week before the marathon. 15 miles with the last 8-10 at marathon pace (08:30).  We maintained around 08:30 for the entire run to finish with 14 miles at an average pace of 08:23 (not including walking).  We didn’t actually pick up the pace we just maintained. Although, between miles 11-12 we did average about 07:45 just to blow out the cobwebs.  I was more wet from sweat and humidity than rain when we finished.  I had to literally peel off my clothes in heaping puddle.

The good news is that although my ankle began hurting at the usual 8 mile mark it didn’t seem as intense.  I was able to maintain my pace without increasing pain.  Actually by mile 12 it was feeling pretty normal.  Hopefully this a sign that things are improving.  It has definitely made me feel slightly better about Sunday.  We’ll have to wait and see….