Barstool Open

Saturday was spent binge drinking downtown for the Barstool Open.  So no binge training took place yesterday.  I had to make up for it today.

The weeks end workout is a 15 miler at 10% slower than marathon pace.  I was minus a training partner and feeling some effects from yesterday so expectations were low.  I didn’t leave the house until 15:00.

Missing yesterday’s great opportunity left me with a temperature of around 37.  Still pretty good for February and the wind was “calm”.  I followed my usual 15 mile loop counter-clockwise.  I didn’t feel good from the start but somehow my mind forced my body to continue at a painful pace.  The stoplights were mostly in my favor.  I think I had to actually stop for only 3.  I rewarded myself with 1, 60 second walk.  I continue to panic on runs like this whenever I have to stop.  I know I will have to run that much faster when I start again to bring my average back down.

I glanced at my Garmin probably 10 times between miles 14 and 15.  15.00 miles finally arrived and I came to screeching stop.  I stopped the clock at 1:58 with an average of 07:53/mile.  My pace was surprisingly fast for the way I felt.  According to my plan, 10% slower than marathon pace is around 08:10/mile so I was happy with today’s result.  However, now when I’m writing this I can barely move.  This weekend has been rough.

Weekly Total:  26 miles