Back In The Pool

Wednesday was my first day back in the pool in a while.  Because of vacation it had been about 2 weeks since I actually swam in water and wasn’t lounging.  Considering the layoff and the previous night’s ride I didn’t feel that bad.  I only got in 1000 yards but did some 50 yard intervals to get the heart pumping.

My run schedule is all screwed up.  So on Thursday I had to do my speedwork for the week.  It was beautiful day but a little on the windy side.  I parked the truck at the Brickhouse and ran an easy 1 mile warm-up to the entrance of the Wabash Trail.  4 miles later I stopped the Garmin with an average pace of 06:57.  I was pleased but I knew I was aided by a tailwind so I knew the 4 miles back would be a sufferfest.  After saying hello to Dave E. (I guess he skipped the training race) I reluctantly headed back to the start.  To my surprise I managed a 07:08 on the way back.  Satisfied I ran easy back to the truck and finished with 10 miles for the night.