Ash Wednesday

Ash Wednesday is always tough on multisport athletes.  Do you follow the traditions of the Church or do you bend the rules?  As multisport athletes we burn a lot more calories than a lay (pun intended) person.  If we only eat 1 meal and continue to train that day we risk injury or bonking.

So what did I do?  Well, I ate a granola bar for breakfast, a small salad for lunch, and a larger salad for dinner.  However, after I got home from work I scarfed down a PowerBar.  I needed the extra calories before today’s workout.  Luckily, lightening did not strike me while running down Washington St. on this gorgeous day.

3, 2 mile tempo runs were the order of the day.  I reluctantly returned to the scene of the crime from 2 weeks ago.  I ran the same route that injred my legs the last time I did tempo work.  Fortunately, my legs did not hurt today.

As for my lungs that was a different story.  My first tempo was done in 14:00, the second in 14:03, and the last in 14:31.  I should have been happy with those times but they really hurt.  I feel some of my speed has declined due to time off.

I finished with just short of 9 miles for the day.  My legs were fried.  When I got home I was a good Catholic and only drank water.  Man, those cookies looked good.

Weekly Total:  17 miles