Arm Warmers

The family was visiting friends in Indianapolis this weekend.  On Friday we went to the Indianapolis Zoo.  The highlight was getting to feed some giraffes.  The kids had the most fun at the playground, of course.  FYI, it’s not free like in St. Louis.

On Saturday I woke up early to go on a long run.  It was cool but humid.  I did a lap in and around Zionsville.  Nothing spectacular but I rolled off a 07:30/pace between miles 8 and 10.  Part of the run was on a pretty cool bike path and I saw tons of runners.  Almost home I saw a couple of groups of 3 running around the town square wearing backpacks and looking lost.  Then I saw a group of canoes by the river where I was staying.  It turns out there was an adventure race occurring that day.  I missed it!

We got home around 16:00 on Sunday.  It was cold and sprinkling but I needed to get a ride in to loosen up my legs.  I went for a short ride to Salisbury and back logging 19 miles.  It was the first time in a while I have had to wear arm warmers.  Fall is neigh.