Another Hotel Workout

I have a big exam tomorrow morning in Chicago.  Tonight I am spending the night in Skokie.  To wear out the pre-exam jitters I brought my running shoes for a hotel treadmill workout.  You gotta love it.  There is nothing like running in a 10 x 10 room, surrounded by mirrors, and basting in 80 degree heat.  This particular hotel “fitness area” did not have a thermostat, the fan didn’t work, and I was unable to change the television station.  I was relegated to watching Desperate Housewives for 30 minutes.  The ironic part was that in all these crappy conditions the TV was a very nice, big, flat screen.  I wondered what people thought as they walked by seeing a guy watching Desperate Housewives while running on the treadmill.   The other side of the coin is that as you are working out everyone else is headed out to the hotel bar or leaving for the evening.  Yes, I am a loser.

Nothing special today just a quick and sweaty 3 miler on the treadmill so I would be able to go to sleep.  I did run mile 2 at a 07:00 pace.  I slowed down for the last mile, not because I was tired, just because I wasn’t very motivated today.  It felt good however to get a hard ride in yesterday and a run in today.