An Unpleasant Swim

The day started out well.  The sun was shining and I was headed to Colony West for Adult Lap Swim.  I got there right when it opened but found 6 or 7 people already swimming.  I apprehensively stood around the pool looking to see if I could find an opening .  One of the younger swimmers saw me and offered to rotate in his lane.  I thanked him and jumped in.

Soon after I began I accidentally rubbed feet with the old guy next to me.  He did not like this.  I apologized but basically he did not accept.  Frustrated with how crowded it was I got out and waited for an actual lane to open up.  It didn’t take long before someone left their position and I took her lane.  It was funny because 2 different people came up to me later and talked about how territorial it can be; regarding lane usage.  The odd part about Colony West is there are no ropes so people swim on the lane lines.  No one shares a lane so you can only fit 6 or 7 swimmers at a time.

Anyway, I finished my swim with 1000 yards.  I felt kind of sluggish.  So I just attempted to get in the 1000 yards and get the flock out of there.

Later that morning I got the kids slathered in 45+, packed their bags, and sent them to the pool with their Mom.  I then donned the iPod and ran the 5 miles to Colony West.  This swimming experience was much more pleasant than earlier in the morning.  Sunning and funning with the kids beats rubbing toes with old guys.

The evening was topped off with a birthday party for HardyBreed Jr.  Hamburgers and Miller Lite were abundant.  The family then celebrated a 40th birthday party for a HardyBreed regular (sort of).  I have never been to a party where the average VO2 max was so high.