Ahhhh, Petersburg

Dan and I negotiated Sunday as our ride day this weekend.  I ran yesterday so riding today was icing on the cake.  We met at the end of my subvision around 10:30.

It felt good to be back on the bike after almost a week.  However, my legs were pretty sore from repeats yesterday.  The salt on the wound was the freakin’ enormous head/cross-wind we had on the way out.  It sucked.  The Weather Channel reported the wind at 10 mph…….LIARS!  I think we crawled into “the burg” averaging around 14 mph.

Petersburg is a great ride.  It is rarely flat or straight.  Lots of winding and up and down with an occasional dog chasing you.  The scenery is beautiful.  The roads can barely fit 1 car width, pretty obsure, so traffic is minimal to non-existent.

You wind through Salisbury, the outskirts of Athens, through Petersburg, around New Salem, back to Salisbury then back to Springfield.  It sounds like a long distance but only ended up being around 50 miles for me.  If you live in town you might get 60 miles.  However, it is not the miles that matter because you go to Petersburg for the hills.

I felt better on the way back.  Partly because of the tail wind and partly because my legs weren’t burning so much.  Dan really pushed me on a couple of the hills.  On the last major climb of the day, just outside of Salisbury, I was glued to Dan’s wheel.  Up ahead I saw a 4-wheeler careening down the hill.  As it approached I noticed a rather obese female was driving and an obese adolescent was ridng on the back.  I was so struck by the irony of the situation that I rubbed wheels with Danoh and almost went down.  I couldn’t help but laught out loud.  We were riding our bikes uphill and they were driving a 4-wheeler downhill.  I guess you had to be there.

A great ride on a windy day.  I have a feeling I’ll be sore tonight………but you know…..I like that feeling.