A Rough 24 Hours

The training race hurt last night.  Which made getting up at 05:30 this morning that much more tough.  It was my day off from work but in order to get in the training I wanted I had to swim before the kids got up.

The temperature was finally warm enough not to shiver when getting out of the pool.  I managed to get in 1500 yards with 2 sets of 5 x 50 yards.  The second set was rough but I think that is what I need in order to not lose so much time in the swim portions.  My arms felt like lead weights the rest of the day.

Preparing for the New City TT time trials I could tell it was not going to be a PR day.  On the way out I was feeling good, averaging around 24 or 25 mph.  I was happy to not get passed by my 3o second man, Dan E.

At the turn around the wind was at my face and I lost it.  I could barely maintain 20 mph and mentally did not have what I needed to push myself.  I was quickly passed by Lunch With Eric (my 60 second man).  At one point I thought I would be able to finish south of 27:30 but my mind and heart were not in it.  I could feel the effects of my swim and limped home in 28:03.

A pretty good day of training but pretty freakin’ tired.  I’ll probably take tomorrow off.