A Brick To Cap The Weekend

My training partner bailed out on me probably around 22:00 last night. Although nothing was official until this afternoon. Feeling good on Saturday night means feeling bad on Sunday morning. So I had to do my brick without company.

It started around 14:45 once the kids were napping. I headed out on the bike toward Salisbury. At the point where you can turn right to head into Salisbury from the back I turned left toward 125. At 125 I rode west for about a block then turned left onto Farmingdale Rd. I then took Farmingdale to Old Salem Rd. to Bradforton then home. My Garmin was not working so I don’t have a mileage but it took me just under 60 minutes. I was trying to keep a good tempo so I’m guessing the distance was around 18-20 miles.

Returning to my house I didn’t hurry but I didn’t take an unecessary time. My T1 was probably around 120 seconds. As usual the first 1/4 mile was stiff and painful. But as the miles melted away I felt better. Again, my Garmin was not working so I have no idea of my pace. Probably pretty slow though. I know the route is 4.5 miles, however. At the turnaround I did get a HardyBreed wave from Alex T. which livened my spirits.
For having a lousy training week this brick felt good but did take it’s toll. I’ll sleep well tonight.