9 Feet

I have never claimed to be the Worlds Best Dad. I just try to be efficient. (So if you are easily offended do not continue to read.) Campbell, my daughter, has been going to swimming lessons for a couple of months now and I have always noticed it is the same time as “open swim” in the big pool. So today I took my trunks too.
Of course, I confirmed my desires with Campbell asking if she would be scared without me being there watching. She said she would be fine. The next person I had to convince was my wife. Her only issue would be that if Campbell was too shy or scared without me there. So all was set for my first swim in over 1.5 years.

Man, it felt good. I swam a total of 10 laps or 20 lengths (I think that’s how you measure it). That may not sound like a lot but for me it was plenty. I was pretty exhausted later in the day. The shoulder felt great wich is more than I can ask. The first lap was swam with some guilt but when I surfaced and looked over at the class Campbell looked over at me, smiled, and gave me the “thumbs up”. The rest of the workout could be swum guilt-free.

Toward the end of Campbell’s session the “Pike Plus” class came over to the big pool. I happily offered up my lane to allow the kids to jump into the deep end. It was pretty cute watching the 4-year olds enthusiastically jump to the instructor. The highlight of the day was seeing Campbell use a pole to go all the way to the bottom of the pool, 9 feet down. It was quite an accomplishment as she had to hold her breath more than I have ever seen. The best part was that I was right there in the water to see the whole thing. She was pretty excited and rewarded me with a kiss when she surfaced.