2nd Brick In A Week

I needed to get in one more good ride before Saturday. Dan is taking my bike with him when he drives to Gulf Shores on Saturday. The Beeler family is flying. It’s not the best idea but you have to make due.
We headed west around 17:00 for a moderate pace. Maintaining a 25 mph pace with me a few seconds behind Dan. I do have my TT bars on the bike now so it was a little easier. We turned around at Farmingdale and headed back home. The ride home was a little less intense with periods of rest then kicking it home the last mile or so. I was defintely not as motivated as the last brick and didn’t have the legs for it today. I think we totaled about 13 miles.
My transition was better this time and I actually had to wait for Dan.
The run wasn’t as fast as last time either. I think we were both just going for the idea of training our muscles for a duathlon and not necessarily trying to improve bike or run times. The legs did start to feel better after 1.5 miles but the beginning was difficult. We met HardyBreed rabbit John H., who was fortunately headed the opposite direction as us. The total run length was about a 5K.
It felt good getting in another difficult training day. Hopefully I will be prepared for next weekend.