2010 Kirby Derby

I spent the weekend at my sister’s house in Monticello.  On Friday we celebrated my nephew’s birthday.  Ryan will be 16 years old.  Oh to be young again.

On Saturday morning, me and my other nephew, Jake, went on a 16 mile bike ride.  We finished our ride at the start of the 2010 Kirby Derby 5K/10K.  It’s a small race in Monticello benefiting the Kirby Hospital Foundation.  Over 600 walkers and runners would do the event.

I was a little nervous at the start since my last race didn’t go so well.  It was cool and overcast so I was hoping for a better result.  I settled into a comfortable rhythm and was pretty happy passing through the first mile check at 06:42.  Knowing this was a little fast I decided to let a couple of people pass me as I slowed slightly.

At 3 miles I was just under 20:00.  I knew this couldn’t last and was beginning to fatigue.  Then my nightmare was relived.  I dropped my key again out of the same pants as last year’s Parade Run.  My wife had sewn the hole closed but I guess not good enough.  I knew the sound as soon as the key hit the ground.  All my momentum was lost as I had to stop on a dime and retrieve the key.

From that point on I was in suffer mode and my pace kept dwindling.  By this time 90% of the runners were finished as probably only 10% were doing the 10K.  That meant few fans and fewer runners to see and try to keep pace with.  I could only see 2 runners in front of me and they were probably 10 seconds and 20 seconds away.  I would never catch them but no one caught me.

I stopped the clock at 42:12.  Good enough for 5th place overall and 1st in my age group.  I am most happy with my time and recovery.  I felt good for the final kick and my average pace.