15, It’s like 10

Dan kept arguring with me that the loop from our house to Washington Park to the Wabash trail to our house again was 10 miles. I remember it being 13 but we were both wrong. And I was the one with the shortest straw.
When Dan, Neff, and I began our run I could tell I was the Weakest Link. After about 7 miles I was going downhill fast. I couldn’t get the guys to slow down at all. The only uplifting part of the run was seeing the Team Mack hommies and acknowledging other HardyBreeds.
I think we walked 4 tmies during the run and I felt guilty for that, slowing them down. But there was nothing I could do.
This was the longest run I have done in months and the first time I have run outside since October. Needless to say I was shot at the end of the run.
The totals were almost 15 miles with an average pace of SLOW.