10:00 At The Curb

Danoh and I met at our usual spot this morning.  An earlier start than normal but we wanted to get started on what was going to be a long day on our feet.  The temperature was rising and would eventually top out at 47 degrees.  The wind was out of the west at around 15 mph.  We ran today because tomorrow the temperature is expected to reach a high of 9 degrees, brrrr!  Anyway, this was workout 2 of week 5 which meant a progressive 18 mile run.  The last hour is ramped up until you do the last mile at marathon pace.

The run started innocently enough with us heading our usual easterly route.  However, we deviated from the norm and continued downtown then headed north toward Lincoln Park.  We looped around to follow parts of both of Abe’s Amble 10K and The Lincoln Memorial Half Marathon.  This meant lots of short, steep climbs including a leg burner in Oak Ridge Cemetery.  The new route made the time go by and kept us sheltered from the wind.  The sun was shining brightly; a beautiful day for a run.  I took a small bottle of water and a flask of Hammer Gel.  This seemed to be the perfect amount of nutrition as I never felt like I was hitting the wall or needed more.  Heading back was into the wind which made the progression difficult.  I think Danoh was feeling the effects of a 40 mile week and I was feeling strong.  Considering the wind and a running distance I hadn’t covered in about a year I was happy to record an average last mile pace of 08:09.  All in all it was about 3 hours of running and 18.5 miles.  After a 30 minute nap and warm cup of coffee I was feeling pretty good, all things considered.