Jason’s Checklist

As I mentally prepare for the impending 26.2 hilly miles that is known as the St. Louis Marathon I try to keep certain things in mind. Ever since I crossed the finish line last year I have thought to myself “what would I have done differently (besides run faster)?”. Through the year I decided to modify my training, preparation, and routine (prior to the start and during the race). Here is what I changed or have added:

1) I followed a regimented training routine. This can be accessed at the top of the page under “Training”. This has focuses my training instead of just “running”.

2) I purchased new shoes 3 months prior to the marathon. I love my Asics Kayanos and would recommend them to anyone. I have pretty narly feet from black toe nails to callouses so shoewear is very important to me. I also am now wearing thicker socks. I wear a winter type of cycling sock from Pearl Izumi. Last year, as soon as I got over a blister a new one would form. This training season I haven’t even had 1 blister!

3) I am carbo loading prior to the event. I am now on day 2 of limited carbohydrate intake and will continue limiting myself until Friday. Then on Friday and Saturday I will carbo load. Hopefully, this will help with the bonk I experienced at mile 22 last year.

4) Speaking of mile 22….. I cramped liked like I have never cramped before at mile 22 mile last year. Not 10 steps after the sign my right leg seized like a rusty 10-speed. I had to continue running with a stiff leg for about a mile. This went fine until mile 25. This is wear the walking began. Anyway, I will be starting the marathon with a half a squeeze bottle of Gatorade. I will sip it slowly for the first 5-10 miles then discard. I am hoping to avoid dehydration by drinking early and often instead of late and trying to catch up.

5) Dan and I will be staying in a hotel at the start/finish line instead of at registration. This will allow for more rest and less hassle in the morning. We might even get back prior to check out.

6) I will disengage the pause option on my Garmin. Last year my time would pause when I walked. Therefore I was always a few minutes off with my calculations on overall time.

7) Dan and I plan on trying to stay together longer this year. The pain isn’t as bad when 2 people share in it. Although we attempted this last year our training this year has been relatively equal. So that’s the plan. Of course, if 1 of us feels like Lance they have the blessing to take off.

8) We will begin with a pace group. Last year we thought we were in the 4:00 pace group. After about 8 miles we caught the 4:00 pace group. So we shouldn’t have started so far back. This year we will be closer to the front and avoid the slower runners.

9) Finally, I tried to pay closer attention to my weight this year. As you heard on our inaugural podcast my goal was to maintain <146 pounds for the entire year. For the marathon I had a personal goal of weighing 140# for the start. This is a good weight for me but difficult to maintain. With the hills any extra pounds turns into extra minutes. I am happy to report that as of the morning of April 4 I weigh 140.5#. Not quite my goal but I’ll take it.

So that’s the plan and how it has unfolded. This will be my second marathon. Hopefully it will turn out better with experience and planning.