I Care for Residents 5k/10K Walk/Run

I Care 5k/10k/Walk 2008The wife is out of town so this rabbit had to wake up extra early for today’s race.  The race began at 09:30 but because I had to get the kids up, change them, stuff breakfast in them, then pick up my Mom I had to wake up at 06:00.  My Mom is going to watch the kids while I run.

[A few more photos]

About 120 participants were greeted with strong winds and below average temperatures for today’s event.  However, it was sunny and no signs of rain.  I planned to run in shorts and tanktop but after warming up I decided to wear shorts, a base-layer, and a long sleeve shirt.  The temperature wasn’t so bad but the wind was freezing.  According to early reports there was a 1 to 3 ratio of 5K runners to 10 K runners.  This coupled with the fun run meant there weren’t going to be too many runners for the 10K.

The gun sounded and Aaron Sarff took off like a bat out of hell.  I knew he was doing the 5K but I had no idea what anyone else was doing.  The race broke up pretty quickly.  So it was difficult to guess whom I was up against.  I knew there were maybe 5 runners ahead of me but I didn’t know if they were running the 5K or 10K.  The course sinuated through various subdivisions in Sherman.  So there were sections of head and tailwind but mostly you were protected by houses.  The finishing straight was a full headwind for about 200 meters, though.  The roads were smooth, mostly flat, with 1 or 2 gentle risers.  10K racers would did 2 laps.

I Care 5k/10k/Walk 2008I was near the front so I tried to watch how many runners stopped after lap 1 and how many kept going.  Honestly I thought I was the only 10K runner in the front group but to my surprise I saw 2 runners ahead of me keep going after the first lap, DAMN!  My split at 5K was 21:14 which was 30 seconds faster than my AMA 5K finishing time so I was a little worried about blowing up.  I could tell the runner in front of me was struggling so I tried to pick up the pace.  Every time I did there seemed to be no reeling him in.  Finally I relegated myself to not catching him and making sure no one caught me.

I finished with a time of 43:45 and 3rd place overall.  I guess the 2 runners in front of me were 1 and 2, oh well.  I did win my age group.  I was very happy with my time and quickly perusing the archives revealed a PR for 10K (That was my 3rd ever 10K).  Aaron Sarff won the 5K with 19 minutes and change.

Pacing is always difficult for me and this race was no exception.  I went into it hoping for 07:20 average pace and ended with 07:04/mile.  I started out faster than I wanted but was feeling good so I just kept it up.  Honestly, I didn’t think I could maintain that pace for 6 miles.

A big THANKS goes out to all the volunteers, organizers and spectators.  Putting on a  race takes a lot of time and effort.  For a first time event things went pretty smooth.  There was also great local support.  Not once did I get a dirty look or scream from a homeowner that was upset from a bunch of runners taking over their neighborhood on a Saturday afternoon.  Thanks to everyone especially the genius that rented the big, bouncy, castle.  My son and daughter spent most of the 2 hours either watching me or jumping their brains out.  A great way to pass the time and relieve some stress from my Mom.